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Sno-King relies on many volunteers to support all of our ice programs.  We see volunteer coaches out on the ice every day, every week, all year long!  We also know that a successful event has an army of volunteers behind the scenes that make all the magic happen!  Even though our Auction will be online, we still have a need for a powerful army of wonderful volunteers like you to pull this off. 

Interested in joining our awesome team?  This is a great opportunity for you to help shape and mold this one-of-a-kind Sno-King Auction experience!  Take a look below at some of our immediate volunteer roles that are available right now.

To Sign Up for one of these roles, click on the Register button on this page.  We appreciate your time and all that you do for Sno-King!  Thank you!

The Registration "Volunteer" is not currently available.


  • Neighborhood Ground Campaigner:  You will request item donations from neighborhood specific merchants, service providers, restaurants, etc.  Canvassing and phone banking.  Neighborhood specific focus.  Multiple positions available.     
  • Wine Procurer:  You will help to create wine packages by calling on restaurants and wineries for donations. 
  • NHL Procurer:  You will seek donations from NHL franchises of all hockey related items.  Involves networking with contacts that may know someone in the organization or has a contact of a former NHL player or staff member. 
  • Golf Procurer:  You will seek donations from golf courses and retail golf establishments to create exciting golf packages. 
  • Sports Procurer:  You will call on other sports organizations such as the Seahawks, Mariners, Huskies, Cougars, etc., to create sports related packages. 
  • Travel Procurer: You will seek donations from hotels, timeshares, rental cars, ski resorts, airlines, etc to help create travel packages.  Multiple positions available. 
  • Figure Skating Procurer:  You will work with the figure skating coaches & community to create unique auction packages that are appealing to the figure skating audience. 
  • Electronics Procurer:  You will seek donations from companies or individuals that may have contacts within technology or electronics companies such as MSFT, Nintendo, GoPro, Apple.
  • Ticket Procurer:  Got a lead on the hottest ticket in town?  You will seek out concerts, performances, movies, etc., to secure a sweet auction package.   
  • Party Procurer:  Help us to create & procure fun party ideas that would make great Auction packages! 
  • Experience Procurer:  Help us to create & procure amazing Experience ideas!  Such as meeting a celebrity,   
  • Gift Card Procurer:  You will canvas retailers such as Costco, Nordstrom, QFC, Safeway, and more to seek gift card donations.
  • Sno-King Procurer:  Work with Sno-King staff to create auction packages utilizing skate parties, birthday parties, broom ball parties, stick-n-puck sessions, Sno-King swag, Zamboni rides, , reserved parking spots at each rink, private coach lessons and more. 
  • Idea Procurer:  Help us to create exciting auction packages! We would love to hear some of your great auction items or ideas that you know have been successful in other auctions. 
  • General Procurement:  You will call on anyone!  We’ll provide the list and ideas, and you will seek the donations. 
  • Procurement Recorder:  Seeking someone who will help to enter all procured items in the database.
  • Procurement Writer:  Seeking someone who is great with writing detailed package descriptions for our online display that will entice bidders. 
  • Procurement Photographer:  Seeking someone to take professional quality photos of auction items for online display. 
  • Inventory Manager:  Seeking someone who can manage our auction inventory and know what items are on hand and what items still need to be delivered to Sno-King. 


  • Marketing Communications:  We are seeking a writer for our weekly Auction update email and social media posts.  Specific content and direction will be provided.  Experience writing marketing communications is required. 
  • Impact Stories: Help us to seek out skaters within our membership community so we can share their special story with our community via written or video media.
  • Ambassador:  You will evangelize the Auction (Procurement/Registration/Attendance) to your designated group.  Encourage participation via emails, personal face to face interactions. 
  • Sponsorships:  You will call on companies asking for sponsorship donations.  This is a completely new program and you will be starting at the ground level to help shape and define this program. 

The Registration "Volunteer" is not currently available.

Not sure what role is the best fit for you?  Contact our auction staff and they can help find a role that will fit your style.  Email:

Don’t forget you can submit these volunteer hours to your employer if they have a program that matches these earned funds.