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Snoqualmie Construction Update


The new twin-sheet ice arena in Snoqualmie is making excellent progress. The concrete floor for the second rink was poured today and installation of the boards and glass begin August 14th!! While there are a multitude of things yet to accomplish, we are hopeful that the arena will be completed and operational the first week of September. 

We are excited for what the new arena means to our program and the community it will serve.  We appreciate the enthusiasm the Snoqualmie Valley community has shown and we look forward to seeing thousands enjoy ice sports in the new facility in the coming years.

For safety and efficiency reasons, access to the site is limited during construction.  Anyone wishing to visit the site, must be scheduled in coordination with Jamie Huscroft at Thank you for your cooperation.


View of the east side of the new arena where the main entrance is located.

Rink Tec crew in final stages of pouring the concrete rink floor in Rink B.  Rink A was poured several weeks ago.  

Clayton Rodgers and Dave Blanchard discuss the project with loan officer from Columbia Bank while standing in the Zamboni room looking out at Rink B.  

View of the poured concrete floor in Rink B with one set of locker rooms and the dividing wall between the two rinks in view to the left.

The lobby and mezzanine walls looking out on Rink B along with the locker rooms on the left and a coaches dressing room on the right.

View of a portion of the main parking area on the south side of the new arena building.  There will be 270 parking spaces serving the new arena.

View of the lobby area and the mezzanine office and dryland training area outside rink A.