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Cookie Dough Fundraiser

2022 Annual Cookie Dough Fundraiser is now complete!

WOW! Thank YOU for your extraordinary efforts supporting the Cookie Dough Fundraiser. The results are in, and we are very excited to announce that we crushed our goal by raising ~$50,000 with participation from all 59 youth hockey teams and programs (including SKAHL, Learn to Skate and Learn to Play) selling 3342 tubs of cookie dough! This also includes over 100 generous donations in place of cookie dough orders. Thank you for going above and beyond to help us continue to deliver on our mission for generations to come. Check out these incredible results:

 Top Fundraising Teams:

  1. 14u C Scofield – $3,235 raised (275 tubs sold)* team award winner
  2. 12u C Lisser – $2,800 raised *team award winner
  3. 12u A3 – $2,470 raised *team award winner
  4. 12u C Altfield – $1,616 raised *team award winner
  5. 8u Minor Gold – $1,540 raised *team award winner
  6. 12u Nystrom – $1,135 raised *extraordinary effort!
  7. 8u Major Lt Blue - $960 raised *extraordinary effort!

Top Individual Fundraisers:

  1. Orson Atkins (12u C Lisser) raising $2,000 *individual award
  2. Cole Frishkorn (14u C Scofield) raising $1,400 (140 tubs sold) *individual award
  3. Everett Elmquist (8u Major Purple) raising $1,130 (113 tubs sold) *individual award
  4. Aryl Lin (12u A3) raising $1,030 *individual award
  5. Maya Chan (10u Girls Hackmeister) raising $920 *individual award
  6. Aiden Barr (8u Minor Gold) raising $810 *extraordinary effort!
  7. Lewis Kerns (10u C Lau) raising $620 *extraordinary effort!

* Bolded teams and individual award winners will be contacted within the next week for award coordination and delivery. 

Cougar Mountain Baking Company thanks Sno-King families for supporting a local business based out of West Seattle. They are busy making the cookie dough tubs and we are scheduled for delivery on December 5th and 6th. As a reminder, cookie dough pickup will be at one of our 3 Sno-King locations. We will send out the pick-up date, time, and location for your orders late next week.

From all of us at Sno-King, THANK YOU!

Fundraising proceeds will help support Sno-King in these areas:  helping keep program fees as low as possible, provide financial assistance to participants who qualify, improve quality of service with new programs such as our coaches' club, and invest in equipment and facilities upgrades.


Alessandra Baccini

Fundraising Coordinator

Wendy Rogers

Development & Marketing Director

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