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Raise The Rink

Thank you for your interest in contributing to Sno-King's RAISE THE RINK Capital Campaign. We are in phase 1 of the two phase campaign to raise $3.5 million to help cover the costs of construction and the first 18 months of operations. The goal for phase 1 is to raise $2 million by May 31, 2020. 

We need your help!!  We hope that you join several other donors that have contributed and make a personally meaningful and significant gift to our Raise the Rink capital campaign. Your donation is a great way to support youth development in the area and your contribution will make a difference in the lives of our players for decades!!  

As a nonprofit, Sno-King will be a careful steward of all gifts to the capital campaign on behalf of all the future skaters, figure skaters, hockey players, teams, parents and coaches who will walk through the doors of the Snoqualmie Ice Arena.

You can donate or pledge a donation by clicking the blue Donate button in this section. There are several options to contribute (see the Pledge Form included herein for more information).  You can make a lump-sum one-time contribution or you can make multiple donations over a longer period.

There are also opportunities for you to tie your donation to naming various elements of the new arena (or all our arenas). You can click on the Naming Rights document included in this section to learn more. If your company offers a matching gifts program you can incorporate that into your giving and if there are limits on the company match you can maximize the benefit of your gift by spreading it out over multiple years to get the most funds from the matching program.

We are very grateful for your generosity- Wendy Rogers anb Jim Ort, Co-Chairs of Raise the Rink Campaign. 


You can make a general donation in 1 of 2 ways:

1) Donate cash directly by filling in an amount below and clicking on the blue button; or

2)  Complete the Campaign Pledge form below and email it to


To view answers to frequently asked questions click here. If you have any additional questions please contact Dave Blanchard at  

Please view a special "thank you" video from some of our players and Ty Hennes, a former Sno-King player and current Head Skills Coach for the Pittsburgh Penguins.

Planning a fundraising event?

Have a team or player fundraiser you need publicized? Please email and we will spread the word on our social media and add dates to the Sno-King event calendar.


Send us your fundraising photos! We love to see our players and families supporting the fundraising campaign.


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