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Donation Status Summary

Raise the Rink Youth Team Campaign - Current Status

Below is a summary of how each team is doing in raising funds to reach its goal.  You can view how your team ranks with the other teams in your age group as well as how it ranks in the race to win other prizes.

You can view those prizes and other campaign material by going to the Youth Team Campaign section of the website under the Resources tab or by clicking here. Scroll down to the Youth Team Raise the Rink Campaign Summary PDF document or scroll down further to watch the Informational Campaign Video.

We hope that you can contribute personally to the campaign but we also hope that you reach out to family, friends, coworkers, neighbors and others to encourage them to contribute.  

There are tools available to you to help you in that effort (Click here) including sample emails, a brochure, videos, a flyer and other items.  You can view answers to Frequently Asked Questions about the new arena and the campaign by clicking here.

Thank you very much for helping Sno-King raise these needed funds.  You are helping thousands of kids and making a significant contribution to the community that will last for years to come.

-- Team totals are updated on Tuesday of each week (last updated 2/25/2020) --

If you donated through a company portal instead of the Sno-King registration link please send a confirmation email to Andrew at for it to count towards team totals.

Youth Team Total

Association Goal % Toward Goal
$300,000 37%

Donation Total Still Needed
$111,929 $188,071


Week Ending Amount
1/3/2020 $11,500
1/10/2020 $3,450
1/17/2020 $8,580
1/24/2020 $10,150
1/31/2020 $18,475
2/7/2020 $17,733
2/14/2020 $24,505
2/21/2020 $6,701
2/28/2020 10,885

Top 5 Teams

Team Name Amount
12U A3 (Koenderman) $11,500
18U A1 $10,000
10U A (Lee/Rodgers) $8,950
12U A3 (Norman) $8,725
16U AA $7,900

8U Donations

Team Name Amount
8U Major Purple $1,300
8U Minor Silver --
8U Minor Maroon $1,100
8U Major Orange $3,025
8U Girls $2,087
8U Major Gold --
8U Major Green $5,000
8U Major Light Blue $3,700
8U Major Maroon $401
8U Major Navy $775
8U Major Silver --
8U Minor Light Blue $1,858
8U Minor Navy $1,100
8U Minor Orange $4,300
8U Minor Purple $100

10U Donations

Team Name Amount
10U Girls $6,275
10U A (Lee/Rodgers) $8,950
10U A (Tuttle) $3,125
10U A (Shackelford) $1,625
10U C7 (Steele) $500
10U C1 (Absalonson) $2,150
10U C3 (Schock) $1,000
10U A (Grudzien) --
10U C10 (Ryan) $550
10U C2 (Lachmann) $497
10U C4 (Warren) $325
10U C5 (Heideman) $1,500
10U C6 (Patterson) $100
10U C8 (Lunde) $150
10U C9 (Gillespie) $100

12U Donations

Team Name Donations
12U A3 (Norman) $8,725
12U C5 (Stillwell) $250
12U A1 $7,786
12U A2 $4,625
12U A3 (Koenderman) $11,775
12U C1 (Guthrie) $1,000
12U C2(Rotoli) $130
12U C3 (Longfellow) $1,850
12U C4 (Trotter) $650

14U Donations

Team Name Donations
14U C3 (Philip) $1,000
14U C1 (York) $600
14U C2 (Brenner) $510
14U A2 $260
14U A3 $2,000
14U C4 (Townsend) $250

16U/18U Donations

Team Name Donations
16U AA $7,900
16U AAA $325
18U A1 $10,000
18U C1 (Prochaska) --
18U C2 (Zarling) $700
18U C3 (Antonio) --