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As Thanksgiving approaches we are thankful for an abundance of blessings at Sno-King.  All of us - staff, coaches, volunteers and parents – have the opportunity to positively impact the future of over 1,800 kids, whether it be in the competitive youth hockey program, the Learn to Play program, the Figure Skating program or the Learn to Skate programs that are offered at Sno-King facilities. We are also thankful and appreciative for:

The young people that bring enthusiasm, hope and a willingness to learn as they strive to do their best while having fun at a sport they love.    

The committed volunteers that includes the coaches, managers, game volunteers, Board members, and others willing to commit their time, talents and energy to performing the tasks that make it all happen.

The good fortune to own and operate two ice arenas with Eastside locations that serve as the venue for young people to participate in youth hockey and other ice sports and for the work of those that came before us to provide those facilities. 

Please take a minute and watch this video entitled:
"Thank you Hockey"

On a personal note, I am thankful for the staff at Sno-King and want to thank all of you that provide encouragement and support to them. They serve with tireless dedication and energy to provide a fun and productive experience for the young people in our programs. 

As we move forward in the season and as we constantly try to improve our Association, let’s be appreciative of what we have, treat each other with respect even when we might disagree and always demonstrate good sportsmanship!!  

The entire staff wishes you a Happy Thanksgiving!  Dave Blanchard,  Executive Director

The Night at Showare - GET YOUR TICKETS TODAY!!!!

Sno-King is excited to welcome all members and their families to participate in our annual night at the ShoWare event Friday, November 30 to watch the Seattle Thunderbirds take on Kootenay BC at 7:35 pm. All Sno-King members and their receive special discounted pricing on admission!

PRIZES!! Please read through all the prizes this year (click here) as we've added several exciting items, including some items we hope to encourage our teenage players and parents to participate in order to win this year!

All tickets for the game need to be purchased by 11/23/18 and will be distributed to team managers. Winners of prizes will be announced no later than 11/24/18.

When: Friday, November 30th                       Time: 7:35 PM                       Cost per ticket: $23


10UB Lee will  host and drive the 50/50 raffle at the Night at ShoWare and will receive 50% of the Sno-King winnings to benefit a team dinner or offset tournament fees for the season. 


Questions? Email:

Sno-King 10U Thanksgiving Tournament - Nov 23rd

Goodie bags are packed and score sheets are made. The first of four Sno-King hosted tournaments is just a few days away. Our four Sno-King teams will be competing against eight teams from Arbutus, Coquitlam, North Delta, Semiahmoo and some local faces from Everett and Seattle Junior. We’ve been spending some time working with the players on the full ice game and looking forward to this new challenge.

12U MLK Tournament 

Dates: Saturday, January 19th - Monday, January 21st

14U President's Day

Dates: Saturday, February 16th - Monday, February 18th

8U Spring Jamboree

Dates: Saturday, March 9th and Sunday, March 10th

Making the Most of Your Screen Time Away from the Rink!

Hard to believe, but some of our players do not watch enough TV! By that I mean, hockey on TV. Watching hockey on TV is an excellent way to visualize making a play or learning a new move. “Through observational learning, individual behaviors can spread across a culture through a process called diffusion chain. This basically occurs when an individual first learns a behavior by observing another individual and that individual serves as a model through whom other individuals learn the behavior, and so on.”  

The spectating brain is also a playing brain when it comes to sports. When we're watching sports, it feels as if we're actually playing in the game. We begin to place ourselves in the "athlete's shoes" thanks to mirror neurons primarily found in the right side of the brain. These cells allow us to reflect and connect to someone else’s movements without verbal communication.

Previous studies have found that when we see a familiar action, our mirror neurons activate and fire for exactly as long as the observed action. This is what allows us to instantly understand the action, its goal, and even the emotions linked to it. For example, if we're watching a strenuous action, mirror neurons will get excited, and lead to an increase in our heart and respiration rate.

Remember, if you do not have enough time to watch an entire game, please try to watch college, WHL, NHL highlights or make a point to watch your own club team play live. Hockey decision making is the number one skill in hockey development, being called a ‘smart’ player is the greatest compliment any player can receive. So watch more hockey on TV and develop your hockey IQ!

See you at the rink - Doug Kirton


We are highlighting one of our key division reps, 8U leader Jeff Sweeney (Kirkland). Jeff works tirelessly organizing and assisting our youngest players, both on the ice and off- coordinating coaches and practice plans, helping parents and getting Sno-King’s newest players off to good start!  As a coach, Jeff hopes to give back to the community by helping kids develop, learn life skills and have fun on the rink so that they can enjoy a life long passion for the sport.


A native of Madison WI, Jeff began his hockey career on Wisconsin’s cold outdoor rinks. Jeff played through high school and in college at the University of Wisconsin Whitewater.

From Jeff: “My best memories of coaching are these two things: 1) Learning from Coach Dean in hockey 1 about why it’s so important to make hockey fun for little kids to ensure they have a lifelong love for the game and 2) helping a young, extremely shy & apprehensive 8U kid learn to skate and overcome his fears of playing hockey with the big kids.”

For the Sweeneys, hockey is a family affair. All three boys play hockey at Sno-King: Mitchel, age 9 (10UB) and Daine, age 7 and Shea, age 4 play 8U. Even wife Eva plays the game, after learning as an adult! Jeff is the Regional Manager at Placon Medical Sterile Plastics.


Health and Nutrition Coach Kelley Greninger

Kelley is a certified Health and Wellness Coach, with a concentrated interest in Athletic Nutrition and Family Focus.  Look for her articles in our newsletter, on a new SKAHA website page and on our social media platforms dedicated to health and nutrition. 

You didn't come this far to only come this far!!



Highlighting Pregame and Postgame Fueling

Food gives us 3 macro nutrients (protein, fats, and carbohydrates). As athletes our bodies need these essential elements to be absorbed at the right time to obtain critical energy and recovery.

These 3 essential nutrients will be categorized into Pre-Game and Post-Game foods.

Pre-Game. First up are carbohydrates. Not all carbs are created equal! We need to consume good carbs before an athletic event (pre-game) to create and maintain that needed energy throughout the duration of the event.  Read Full Article Click Here

Post-Game. Foods high in protein are essential for post-game recovery. Not only does eating protein help but, its also beneficial for all around health. Studies show that protein helps stabilize blood sugar, improves your ability to learn and concentrate, reduces brain fog, boosts energy levels, and supports muscle and bones including absorption of other important nutrients. Good quality protein is key! Read Full Article Click Here

Bottom line: A well-balanced healthy diet will support consistent  training, reduce the risk of injuries, and promote adaptation in muscle tissue in response to training.

Contact Coach Kelley for more specific information on the optimal time to eat for pre-game and post-game meals and snacks.  Email:


Focus points for the drill attached:

• quick feet coming in and out of each tight turn.

• focus on good knee bend on tight turns.

• be ready to make the next pass coming out of turns.

• on the last pass and receive against the divider make sure we get the most quality shot possible on net.

(turns, pass and shot can simulate corner to net-front play in game situations)

LINKING THE GAME  by Mike Butters

By now, many coaches are well underway into their planning for a successful season. This season, you may have already been asked by some of your players, “Why don’t we have any full ice practices?” It is common for players, especially at the 12U and above age levels to wonder. That said, some teams, especially the ones at the A1 level, already experience some practices at full ice. Let’s be clear, the game of hockey is essentially a series of small area games. Making plays and acquiring the “IQ” needed to enhance a player’s game is teaching them how to make quicker decisions in smaller areas. A great majority of the game can be taught without the need for using a full ice surface. 

However, when your team does get the opportunity to have a full sheet of ice, make sure you structure your practice to maximize the entire sheet of ice. When you construct your practice plan, ask yourself one main question, “Is this a drill that can only be accomplished using a full ice sheet?” If the answer is yes, then you are on your way to designing an effective full ice practice. The purpose of full ice drills is to link the transition of the game from one zone to the next. This primarily involves 5 on 3, 5 on 4 or 5 on situations.  Click here to read full article.


On November 10th, Sno-King successfully hosted another Try Hockey Free Day, with over 40 participants, between the ages of 4 and 9

Try Hockey Free is a USA Hockey program and a perfect opportunity to introduce new players and families to youth hockey. Players receive a jersey from USA Hockey to keep, and Sno-King provides hockey equipment and skates for all participants, hoping to inspire new players. 

Beginner Director Jenn Wood coordinated the efforts of Sno-King Hockey, gathering equipment, resources and volunteers to ensure a great first experience for new players. Jenn was very pleased with the volunteer efforts of our teenage players, who came out on Saturday to give back to our hockey community and promote a love of the sport. Great job players- Sno-King Hockey is proud of your community spirit! 

 The next Try Hockey Free Day is February 23, 2019. Players, if you are interested in volunteering, please contact Jenn Wood at


Night at Showare is November 30th. Tickets will be on sale until November 23rd.  Click here to purchase now!

Holiday Specialty Clinics in Renton and Kirkland.  Limited space available register now to secure a spot! Click here

Mid-Winter Break. Begins Monday, December 24, 2018 and ends Sunday, January 6, 2019.  

Holiday Skating at Sno-King Ice Arenas: December 24th to January 6th daily sessions at both locations

Safe Sport.  One parent per member is required to become Safesport qualified this season by December 31, 2018.  


Thank you to everyone that took time to post pictures on Instagram for the contest.   We had an amazing response and loved the pictures you all shared!  We hope that you will continue to tag your team and use the hashtag #snokingteams.  We will continue to share your posts and pictures with our community!


Your team will enjoy a team movie night, as well stick and puck sessions and t-shirts for each player on your team!

2ND PLACE: 10UACooke

Your team will enjoy a one hour ice rental and party room at Sno-King Ice Arenas, as well as stick n puck sessions and t-shirts for each player.