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Finish Strong - Go the Extra Step

As we enter the final stages of this season let's all make an effort to finish strong.  Whether it be at practice, games, playoffs or year-end tournaments and whether you are a player, coach, parent or volunteer let's all set our minds and be intentional about putting forth a maximum effort to make this part of the season special.

The Seahawks have as a mantra that it is not how you start but how you finish.  As we are all about teaching life lessons to our players, this is a valuable lesson we can impart to the them whether by example or by discussing the concept with our players.  Matt Boyd, former Sno-King player and current pitcher with the Detroit Tigers, was recently interviewed on the NHL Network.  He shared a story about a Sno-King coach (Bill Audycki) teaching him about "going into the corner and finishing the play".  That stuck with Matt and he took that to heart in all aspects of his life.  It helped him from "the plate to the mound to life" because he learned to always go the "extra step" and finish strong.  To see the full interview click here.

Make sure you check out the information on our spring and summer hockey activities below and on our website.  These camps and clinics equal or exceed the training at the more expensive camps in our area and offer excellent opportunities for players to improve their game. Also check out the new Spring League versus SJHA and High School Hockey. Have a great rest of the season.  

The Sno-King Staff

Jaime Sawchuk, ED.D.


The Pursuit of Positivity - Jaime Sawchuk, Ed.D.


I’ve always been a big believer in the idea that if you think positive things, positive things will happen. Mindset is everything. But, why is positivity so important?

 Positivity is a key aspect of building resilience, which in essence, is the ability to bounce back from adversity. In hockey (and in life), we are constantly faced with adversity. How we handle that adversity determines the overall outcome. Viewing adversity as things that break you down to build you up stronger can pick you up so much higher than viewing obstacles as impossible roadblocks. We should be viewing every challenge as an opportunity to thrive and get better.

Self-talk can be positive, negative, instructional or neutral. Generally, we should focus on having self-talk that is positive in nature. Once we master the concept of positive self-talk, we can move into more instructional phrases. Positive self-talk should be inspiring and make you feel more confident. Instructional talk will help you complete the task at hand and will guide you through as you perform. The goal of this month is to begin to discard our negative thoughts and replace them with positive and/or instructional self-talk. This is not an easy task as we are usually our own worst critic! But, with practice, you will find that you feel more confident in yourself and your abilities. Click here to read full article

2019 Spring/Summer Hockey Camps!

While we still have plenty of great hockey to go this season, we are excited to announce that the schedules for 2019 Spring Program and Summer Hockey Camps and Clinics have been posted online and registration is open!  We are especially pleased to announce that Ty Hennes a former Sno-King player and currently the Skills Coach for the NHL Pittsburgh Penguins, will have a camp here this summer.  See more info to the right of this article.

The schedule includes a variety of exceptional hockey camps, clinics and off-season play for players that are equal to or better than what other more publicized and expensive camps offer in the area.  The camps are run independently from SKAHA but the instructors include members of the Sno-King coaching staff, past players, and players from college and junior programs. In addition, there are also some camps from outside sponsors such as camps by Turcotte and by Hennes (see below).

There are opportunities for all age groups and they cover a broad range of activities from skating, stick handling, checking, shooting, defense, 3 X 3 games, goaltending and other fundamentals.  Click the links to the right for a listing of our current available camps and clinics by each level:

SKAHA and SJHA Spring Hockey League

Spring Leagues are a great way to keep the fun in playing hockey. In this Spring league, Players will enjoy the game in a fun competitive atmosphere while improving their skills. This is a non instructional league. Birth years are based on 2019-2020 season.

League to consist of two teams per association. 

  • 8U Half Ice 12x2 player rosters (Birth years  2011, 2012)
  • 10U Full Ice 15x2 player rosters (Birth years 2009, 2010)
  • 12U Full Ice 15x2 player rosters (Birth years 2007, 2008)
  • 14U Full Ice 20x2 man rosters (Birth years 2005, 2006 8th graders 2004) 

Season Games: Each team gets 1 game a week.   Season runs from April to mid June     Playoff Games: 1 game        

Cost: 8U $199 and 10U 12U 14U: $299        Includes: Jersey and Socks     

High School Hockey Registration Open!

Western Washington High School Hockey

The Western Washington High School Hockey League is a Spring league for High School players in the Seattle Puget Sound area.  Space is limited!

Season Timing: April thru Early May

Season Games: Each Team gets 12 games and 1 playoff game

Click here to learn more

Skating is Still the Foundation!

Watching the NHL this season reminds me of just how important skating has become. Everyone should recognize that today’s hockey is a thrilling sport of blazing speed. Balance, agility, quickness, edge control, power and conditioning are just some the complex maneuvers needed to excel at such a difficult sport, comprised of numerous and complex skills (stick-handling, passing, shooting, puck protection, concepts, team systems, etc) that must all mesh together. To be a master in hockey takes years of learning, practice, and hard work.

Skating has become even more important with the advent of the small area game. Players now need to not only be powerful and fast, but they need to be able to read, react and change directions at the blink of an eye. The time and space is virtually gone and there is always a player in your way that you somehow need to create separation from in order to make a good play.

Gone are the days of the long swinging arms and standing in long lines listening to a coach’s pontificate on skating technique. There are very few times where a hockey player has one hand on their stick in today’s game, mostly when defending and trying to get a “stick in a lane”. We are in the age of high activity and short attention spans. Players are very visual and a quick video or high-end instructor who can actually do the drills correctly are so important in the “modeling” of the correct techniques. Sno-King skills coaches David Min, Jamie Huscroft and Kris Wilson are all accomplished coaches that do a great job teaching skating the correct way. Show the drill, let the player try it multiple times and then add correction iterations while continuing with high activity. 

Watch the video above!  Work on your game, have fun, take a skating course and play other sports in the off season! 

One can “skate” through life!!  Go T-Birds!

Doug Kirton 

SKAHA Hockey Director


Several Sno-King teams participated in tournaments over President's Day. Congratulations to 12UC Longfellow for winning the Apple Cup.  A combined 10UB team took 2nd place at Seattle Junior's Jim Morehouse Memorial Tournament and the 10U A combined team coached by Rodgers, Lawrence and Cooke brought the banner home from the Arizona Hockey Union President's Day Tournament!  Congratulation to these teams and all our teams that traveled over the holiday! 

Closer to home, our 14U C teams competed in our annual Presidents Day tournament against teams from all across the lower BC mainland. The final featured teams from Cloverdale and the Vancouver Thunderbirds with Cloverdale winning 4-2. A big thank you to all the parent volunteers that helped over the weekend.



The final Sno-King tournament of the season is the 8U Jamboree happening March 9th and 10th at the Renton Rink. The famous tailgate is ready to go along with the new Skills Competition we are adding for our 8U players this year. There are currently over 20 teams scheduled to attend this fun weekend. 

The MHL regular season is ending the weekend of March 2-3 which means MHL Playoffs are right around the corner, taking place March 9-10 and March 16-17. Schedule for MHL Playoffs will be posted as soon as they can but have been known to come with short notice. We appreciate your patience as we try to get the schedule posted. 

Coaches Spotlight: Brad White, Head Coach 12UA3

Brad began his youth coaching career in Ontario, while at University, gaining experience by coaching many different levels, from PeeWee AAA to  Juvenile A. At Sno-King, Brad has coached four seasons, starting with 10Us. In addition to coaching the 12UA3 team, Brad helps coach 10UB and 10U DEV. Last season as coach of 10UC, Brad and his team won the SKAHA Cup!

For Brad, the best “part of coaching is seeing the development and growth in so many players. Watching kids work as a team and achieve small victories is very rewarding. It is such an honor to have these kids undivided attention, when they're with us they aren't distracted by electronics, so I take that seriously and always try to provide a positive learning experience. “

Brad has three children, Lauren, 14, Jack, 12 and Nathan, 10, and has married to his wife Ana for 15 years.  He serves on the Sno-King Board of Directors and the hockey committee, and is passionate about Sno-King: the Sno-King organization is an excellent program and we're lucky to be involved in such a great hockey community and it's been a really fun experience for both me coaching and my kids playing.

Thanks Brad, for all your efforts in helping our Sno-King players and organization!

Volunteer Spotlight: Cathy Keck, 18U A1 Manager

With two seniors graduating out of SnoKing’s hockey program this year (Joel 18U A1, Igor 18U C Leung), Cathy has spent nearly 15 years at SnoKing’s rinks and managed her fair share of teams. This is her second season managing SnoKing’s oldest rep team as it pursues a third state championship in a row next month.

“While it was so fun watching the boys when they started beginner hockey at the age of 4, having teens in hockey is probably the most fun. Not only do your kids have more independence and responsibility for their hockey experience, but they begin to model the behaviors of their coaches who are great role models at this age. As a parent, I get to step back and simply be there to cheer them on. By this age the parents are far more laid back – we know our kids have learned to be good teammates and are prepared to enjoy hockey at college and throughout their adult lives.”

Cathy’s biggest tip for managers is to remember “it takes a village” and to engage other parents in coordinating team travel, game day volunteers, statistics, budget, and scheduling exhibition games. Sharing the load this way allows you to keep the team notebook current, track major penalties and send a regular team email with a consistent structure to help players and parents stay on track with what’s happening each week.


As February is winding down it’s a rewarding time for coaches to see all the progress our hard working players have made this hockey season. A portion of your practice plan should still be skill based to keep the players fresh in their puck handling, edges, and passing. A bigger portion of practice should incorporate small area games that keep the players mentally engaged. Explore different ways to add complexity to your small area games! (player must make x amount of passes before they can score, puck carrier must cross the goal line before scoring, etc). Its also a great time of the year to change things up by playing 10 puck shootout, sharks and minnows, and baseball!

Check out the two 10u A players in a heated game of 10 puck shootout!

Coaching at the end of your season by Mike Butters

The time of the season is upon us where teams are either gearing up for playoffs or have already completed them. It is also the time we, as coaches, can leave a lasting impression on our players. We can take record of how we did, assess our player’s growth and development and set each one of them up for a successful summer.

In order to do this, it is important to plan, in detail, your season end. While you all may have different ideas as to how to do it, I will share a few things that have served me well over the years:

1) Exit meetings: Having a 1 on 1 meeting with each player is important. Parents can certainly be included in this, especially at the younger ages. You should go over what you saw in the player in the way of their improvements and shed light on areas that need work. You can also use this time to set them up for a good summer.

Click here to read full article

You haven’t come this far too only come this far! Keep at it everyone, you've got this!


What do we REALLY understand about sugar?

As a health and nutrition coach, it’s always interesting to observe the different reactions people have when the subject of sugar emerge. Typically people will show a frustrated, often times eye roll at the mention of the subject. Sugar is a touchy subject for a number of reasons. Why is this? Sugar stimulates the brain when consumed. It sends unnatural chemicals to our brain and relay signals to our body relaying misinformation and leading to unsafe communication throughout our entire body. These chemicals tell our brain that what was just consumed makes us feel really good and it’s a fun experience; when all the while those chemicals are actually changing the natural make up within the brain and body. We tend to want more and the idea of taking that away or even just lessoning the amount sends people into a state of panic and frustration. This type of behavior is said to mimic the same symptoms as an addiction. Brain scans have show that the brain reacts to sugar in the same exact spot in our brain as a number of hard drugs.  We all know that sugar is not good for our body, but what does it really do, and how does it actually affect our body, brain, and overall health? In this article I will be highlighting three bits of information focused on sugar. What is sugar, 5 ways to kick sugar, and the truth about artificial sugar products?

Click here to read full article


Are you an adult that has always wanted to try playing hockey but never given the chance? Now is your chance!

Sno King Adult Learn to Play Hockey program is for those who have never played hockey before or for those who have very little experience. This program is the first step to entering our SKAHL or our PHL. At least 30 minutes of each hour will focus on the most important part of hockey, skating. Each week participants will progress on the basics of the forward and backward skating stride, stopping, puck control, passing and shooting. Each practice is designed for players to practice their skills at their own pace. Team play will also be introduced through small area games in a fun and encouraging environment. 

Due to the high demand we are now offering classes in Kirkland on Saturdays as well as Renton on Sundays.  Classes fill quickly so register early!


The National hockey League and USA Hockey have jointed together to offer Try Hockey Free Day on Saturday February 23rd. Local rinks around the country will be hosting a "Try Hockey Free Day" clinic for children between the ages of 4 and 9 years old. To register go to

RENTON - Saturday, February 23rd, 4:10pm to 5:10pm 


Please share with anyone that you think might be interested!

Skateworks Sno-King Player Specials

February Special: 50% off skate profiling 

March Specials:

15% off all Bauer skates that are currently in stock + 5 free skate sharpenings

15% off all Warrior hockey sticks 

15% off all CCM hockey sticks in stock 

February Snow Day Highlights thanks for sharing!