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Inside Edge December

We want to welcome Virginia Mason as a new sponsor of Sno-King youth hockey.  We are grateful to have their financial support for the new Snoqualmie arena and their assistance as we provide the opportunity for youth in our communities to live an active, healthy lifestyle while learning lessons that will help them for years to come.

Update on Snoqualmie

We hope you and your family had a good Thanksgiving.  We are very grateful to have the opportunity to serve the players in the Sno-King program and are very appreciative of all the volunteers that help Sno-King to be a nationally recognized youth hockey program. We are also thankful for the growth that lies ahead and look forward to expanding our programs to more and more of the Eastside community. 

The landlord is making good progress on the building shell construction for the new Snoqualmie Ice Arena. Some of the steel wall framing and roof framing is in place, underground utilities are nearing completion and the site work is progressing on schedule.  We received our building permit for the tenant improvements and some of our preliminary work on the TI's will commence beginning in January.  Things remain on pace for an early summer completion date.

Capital Campaign

The costs for our share of the improvements for the new arena total $12 million. While some of that is financed through new debt, we have a funding gap that needs to be closed. By leasing the building rather than purchasing the land and owning the building, we deferred the timing of some of the capital outlays we need to make. While we have debt financing to cover much of the initial costs we need to secure funds through donations to cover the remaining costs. Hence the need for a capital campaign.

The Board, staff and some committed volunteers have been quietly seeking contributions from potential large donors to help us cover that gap. We have been very successful, having received donation pledges of $600,000 in a relatively short time. We are very grateful to the many donors that have stepped forward with a commitment to contribute and we are continuing to seek Major Gifts ($25,000 or more).

In December, we will officially commence Phase 1 of the public, broad-based campaign effort. 

We will be rolling out a lot of information this month including an official name for the campaign and some ways that everyone can contribute!! The Phase 1 goal is to raise $2 million of cash needed to construct and operate the new arena by May 2020. We need everyone at Sno-King and in the broader hockey community to step forward to support this campaign.Much more information will be forthcoming in the next two weeks and we are excited to see what we will accomplish together.  - The Sno-King Staff

Mental Skills

The Mental Skills Training (Mindfulness) program has included three lessons to date: Mental Toughness, Grit and Resiliency, and the most recent lesson on Teamwork.  Lesson #4 on Visualization will be available soon.  We are very grateful for the participation by so many players of all ages and the positive feedback we have received on the program.  

There is no downside to taking the lessons and depending on the players's age they take from 10 to 30 minutes to complete. You can leave the lesson and come back to it.  If your player is in the 10U age group and older and have not yet participated you can still have them take all the lessons. If you have an 8U player that you want to participate you can gain access to the program.  In either case, parents can get their player signed up by contacting Andrew Birnbrich at and players can still have access to all the lessons issued to date. 

Stephanie Stiegler is the program coordinator and is available for parents, managers and coaches to contact with questions about the program at  Each team has a designated coordinator for the program as well so you can work with them or the team manager if you have questions. 

Winter Break: ​Dec 23 - Jan 3 (Some teams may have games on Jan 4-5, please check schedules)

YOUTH Holiday Hockey Clinics

The schedules for 2019 Holiday Hockey Camps have been posted online and registration is open!  

There are opportunities for all age groups and they cover a broad range of activities from skating, stick handling, checking, shooting,  3 X 3 games, goaltending and other fundamentals.  Click the links below for a listing of our current available camps and clinics.


Sno-King Night at the Accesso ShoWare Center was a huge success! Thanks to all 542 Sno-King family members, friends and family  who showed up to cheer on the Thunderbirds!

We had Sno-King players on the big ice before the game, where 10UC Lachmann defeated SJHA 9-6.

The 8U Girls got in the fun also with a quick game after the team warm up and 8U Maroon was represented by Stella Galgon at the team introduction.

12UA1 worked the 50/50 sales to benefit the Thunderbirds Foundation, and their own team fund.

We hope all our members enjoyed this annual tradition- see you at Sno-King Night next year!

10UC Thanksgiving Tournament

Sno-King hosted its annual Thanksgiving tournament for our 10U C teams this past weekend. The six participating Sno-King teams competed against 8 visiting teams from the greater Vancouver area.  After going a collective 11-5-2 in pool play Sno-King sent three teams to the final four team playoff. Sno-King's C1 and C3 team battled for the championship with C1 taking it in the end. 

Thank you to all players, coaches and volunteers who made this weekend possible. 


“Coming together is a beginning, keeping together is progress, working together is SUCCESS!”

The most recent Sno-King mental skills training lesson is called Teamwork. This could be the most important lesson of all since it is the core of what we base our entire Sno-King program on. Being a good teammate could be the best compliment any player could receive as an athlete. The lesson defines teamwork as...

“Cooperative or coordinated effort in the interest of a common cause or goal. In hockey, there is no avoiding the necessity of working together as a team. We've all seen great, individual talents get defeated by inferior opponents simply because of the superior spirit, collaboration and teamwork of the winning team.”

As a former player I played on some great teams and some not so great teams, but one thing was always consistent, the team was greater than the sum of its parts. The game of hockey has so many instances where team comes first such as

  • Every goal scored can get up to 2 assists added
  • The Stanley Cup is handed to the captain and the team first, not ownership
  • Every player has to play defense and offense
  • Goalies are fiercely protected by the players
  • Players are quick to accept any role asked of them
  • Hockey players give a lot of time to charities and are good role models
  • No diving and always play through injuries for the team
  • And many more…

Here is another section from the latest mental skills training:

1) Be Humble and Hungry. Remember, it's not just about you! Work hard, compete, get better every day, never be satisfied and do your job well! We all like and respect our humble teammates!

2) Love Practice. Everyone loves winning, but not everyone enjoys what it takes to win. Embrace the process - results come from the process. Love practice and help your teammates do the same!

3) Be Encouraging and Appreciative. Be tenacious, but be cheerful as well. Be a positive force to your teammates through encouragement and appreciation. Lift your teammates up no matter the situation or circumstance. Let them know that their efforts and attitudes are appreciated.

4) Be Trustworthy. One way to earn respect is to be trustworthy. To earn trust work hard every minute you are on the ice, learn while you watch others, execute your assignments, be reliable and do all the things your coaches ask you to do.

All in all, learning to be a great teammate will not only reinforce your team mission and help you reach your individual goals, it will prepare you for life after your sports career where the ability to work in a team environment makes you much more employable and respected by your co-workers.



Please help Sno-King grow by helping us promote our Learn to Play and Learn to Skate Programs! 

Try Hockey Free Day in Renton December 28th! This event is for children between the ages of 4 and 9 years old that would like to try hockey for the first time. To register go to


Sno-King offers several programs for children and adults to experience and learn the basic fundamentals of skating and playing hockey. If your child just wants to have a one-time on-ice experience Try Hockey Free clinics are offered where equipment is provided and participants experience the thrill of being on ice skates along with some basic hockey movements.

A child can learn to skate without hockey gear in the Learn to Skate program taught by experienced figure skating instructors or with gear on in our Hockey 1 program that teaches basic skating and preliminary hockey skills.  The next stage of participation is in the Hockey 2 program which teaches a player the basic hockey skills needed to join a competitive team.  We also offer Adult Learn to Play for adults who have never played before or for those who have very little experience. For more information or answers to Frequently Asked Questions on each program click the links below. If you have any further questions please feel free to email us or call 425-821-7133. 


For Ages 10 to 14 Years Old! Our Late Start Learn To Play program is about learning the skills of a great sport in a fun and challenging environment. Players learn the fundamental skills of how to skate and handle a puck with a stick, and then play games in a group of their peers. Click here for more information

SKILLS with David Min and Kris Wilson

A simple adjustment to increase difficulty and keep the players challenged is adding in more pucks! Watch 10u working on their puck skills by controlling two pucks as they skate down the ice. They will need to keep their heads up as much as possible to skate through traffic and they also need to quickly do knee touches to work on their coordination. In addition, every player is getting plenty of reps and not standing around. Simple drills like this can accomplish lots to improve individual skill. You don’t always need to rely on fancy props. 

Go Sno-King!


Coaching is a tough grind. There’s teams to pick, practices to organize, schedules to make, and 15-20 players who need personal attention, not to mention the parents who need and require feedback. It takes special individuals who are willing to dedicate a great amount of time to it. But it doesn’t have to be a time. It can also be rewarding and fun.

Back in “the day,” (I’m still wondering when that day was) it was a lot tougher. We (coaches) had a tough time getting information and lacked todays tools to help us both manage our time better. We would buy books. We would attend lectures. We would call contemporaries for mentorship. We would do all of this to learn and grow as a coach in order to offer our players a better experience. That was then…

Read full article click here

Safe Sport

At  least one parent will be required to become Safe Sport certified again this season.  It takes about 75 to 90 minutes and is an excellent summary of some preventative measures that can be taken to help our players stay safe. For a link to take the course and more information click here

The safety of its participants is of paramount importance to USA Hockey and Sno-King.  USA Hockey SafeSport is the organization's program related to off-ice safety. This includes not only on-ice safety, but also off-ice safety in any part of Sno-King's programs. 

USA Hockey and Sno-King have a ZERO TOLERANCE policy for abuse and misconduct. Through the USA Hockey SafeSport Program, USA Hockey and Sno-King are committed to creating the safest possible environment for participation in hockey.