Zero Tolerance Policy: 

The Zero Tolerance rule will be in effect for all games. Fighting, unsportsmanlike or abusive conduct by team officials, players or spectators will not be tolerated on or off the ice. Any such conduct may be grounds for removal from the tournament and, if necessary, from the ice arena. The Tournament Director has the option of stopping play, if necessary until the situation is resolved. COACHES and MANAGERS inform parents and fans that unruly behavior will result in stoppage of play until the situation is resolved. If the situation continues after stoppage of play this person will be removed from the facility.

This is a 12U tournament; we all need to set examples of GOOD sportsmanship, regardless of the perspective of the situation.

Locker room, facility damage or defacement will not be tolerated. The coach is responsible for his players, before, during, and after the games. Any damage or defacement to the facility will result in a fine determined by the ice arena management.

There is no body checking at any Sno-King Rec tournament