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Mental Skills Training

By Sno-King Staff, 09/13/19, 6:30PM PDT


Hi- We are going to implement the new Pro Performance Mental Skills Training program beginning Monday, September 23rd, 2019 for every player in the 10U age group and older. The first lesson is on the topic of mental toughness and others will include visualization, teamwork and other topics that help to develop the mental side of the game. There will be a new lesson every two or three weeks.

Research and science have proven that attitudes and thoughts guide an athlete’s physical abilities and provide the foundation for success in everything they do. Pro and college athletes acknowledge that mental skills are the key to their performance. As with most things, the effort that is put into program will dictate the benefits derived. Encourage players to choose to be interested in completing the lessons and get the most from this great program!

Parents, this is a great opportunity for you to interact with your children, discussing the content in the lessons and bringing it to life for your kids. This involves a learning process so it takes genuine effort to engage with the concepts but with 5 minutes a day the lessons can be completed easily in the time allotted for completion. Encourage them and support them to understand the material at an age appropriate level and provide reinforcement of the concepts they learn through the season. 

Players in the 8u age group can participate upon request.  While some 8U players will find the content difficult to understand, especially some of the younger players, if parents are willing to work through the lessons with the player they will receive some benefits from the lessons.

The lessons are fun and the potential rewards can last a lifetime so give this program your very best. More detailed information will be forthcoming between now and the first lesson.

Thank you,

The Sno-King Staff