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Sno-King - Matching Fund Programs

By Sno-King Staff, 11/04/19, 7:15AM PST


Just a friendly reminder that for those of you that have volunteered time to Sno-King this season please record those hours with any matching funds programs at your place of employment so that Sno-King can receive the matching funds. As an example, Microsoft provides funds based on an hourly rate times the hours contributed to non-profit entities such as Sno-King for any time their employees contribute and there may be others. Sno-King is a nonprofit entity and the matching funds go toward funding operations of the hockey program to help keep fees as low as possible. 

Please check to see if your company has such a program and if so, please take the time to record your time and designate Sno-King as the recipient of the matching funds. Hours spent coaching, managing, working the penalty box or other volunteer activities qualify.

Thanks for being a part of the Sno-King community.

The Sno-King Staff