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It's Month-End! Submit. your volunteer hours for Matching Funds

By Sno-King Staff, 10/28/20, 10:30AM PDT


Sno-King Families, Coaches, Team Managers and Volunteers,

As you know, Sno-King Amateur Hockey Association (“Sno-King”) is a 501c3 non-profit organization and cannot operate without the support and contributions of our volunteers. What you may or may not know is that many of you work for companies that provide matching funds for every hour you volunteer at a non-profit organization such as Sno-King. These matching programs are an important source of funding for Sno-King and now more than ever, these additional funds are needed.

For instance, if you’re a Coach or Team Manager and work for Microsoft, you can submit all your hours to Microsoft, and they will pay us a per-hour cash “match” of your volunteer hours. Hours spent coaching, managing a team, working the penalty box or other volunteer activities qualify.

If you work for companies such as Microsoft, Boeing, Google, Facebook, Symetra or others, please be sure to track and submit your volunteer hours regularly for Sno-King to receive the matching funds you’ve earned. If you are unfamiliar with your company’s policies, please check to see if a matching program exists and enroll if it does. It takes a short amount of time to further boost your positive impact during these unprecedented times.

We are grateful for all the volunteer hours that so many of you contribute to Sno-King and for every extra dollar we receive because of your commitment to volunteerism.  

Thank you,

Clayton Rodgers, Executive Director