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Message from Clayton Rodgers, Sno-King Executive Director

By Sno-King Staff, 11/30/20, 3:00PM PST


Do you remember your first memory inside an ice rink?

Were you learning to skate or play hockey? Were you watching your child as they stepped onto the ice for the first time? What meaningful friendships have been formed along the years? What coaches left a lasting impression? These memories have meaning. Sno-King takes great pride in the experiences we deliver and the people who deliver them. The smiles. The care. The drive. The passion. This is who we are and you have been an integral part of these memories we have built together over 55 years.


It's been a trying year. With unexpected hurdles. Challenging us in ways we never imagined. With no clear end in sight. As a non-profit organization, it’s getting even harder. The impact of COVID-19 on our operations is significant. It’s serious. Sharing this news isn’t easy but it’s important to be transparent. We know you will have questions. We want to address them as best we can. What does this mean? When will we re-open? What will the rest of the youth hockey season look like?  How can we help? We plan to continue to share regular updates over the coming weeks to help answer these questions. We are also engaging with coaches and managers to support team connection, continue off ice skill development and find creative ways to keep momentum. And stay positive.    
You were counting on us. A safe outlet to support physical and mental health. Now closed for another four weeks. Maybe longer. This is devastating news for us, for you and for our community. Adding to a three-month closure in the Spring, operating at limited capacity and opening of our Snoqualmie facility further adds to the financial challenges. The impact is significant, and we are taking important steps to secure our future. We have focused our efforts to minimize expenses until we can re-open safely and responsibly. This includes removing or reducing ice surfaces to save significant energy costs. It includes making difficult decisions to lay off staff. Familiar faces and friends. This is particularly hard given the holiday season upon us. Finally, we are also working closely with our Board of Directors, our local communities, and other associations to plan for what’s to come. Planning to ensure we can welcome you back safely. Planning to ensure we can continue to deliver our mission. Planning for another 55 years.
We need your support now more than ever. We recognize these are tough times, but if you have the capacity, we welcome your help. Your generosity. Your donations. Your time. Help us spread the word. Help us weather the storm so we can all get back to the good stuff. On and off the ice. With your friends. With your teams. With your coaches. With our community. Help us continue our positive impact on youth development and life skills. Help us continue to teach an active lifestyle. Help us continue to build community connection. Help us create many more memories for generations to come.
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Thank you for your support. This is our community. #SnoKingSTRONG


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