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Sno-King Cookie Dough Fundraiser starts TODAY

By Sno-King Staff, 01/30/21, 7:45AM PST


Dear Sno-King Families,

We are excited to be back on the ice and continue the rest of our 2020-21 youth hockey season!  This email includes details about a new Cookie Dough Fundraiser with Cougar Mountain Baking company and how you can participate. As so many of us are happy for hockey re-starting, this new fundraiser is a great way to continue to find ways to support Sno-King during these challenging times as well as offers our players a chance to help. Whether it’s calling or emailing neighbors or perhaps face-timing friends and family, sharing why Sno-King is important to them and asking for help to support something meaningful to them can be a valuable life lesson and learning opportunity. 

As you likely know, Sno-King continues to be in a difficult financial situation operating under 25% capacity which means we are challenged to generate enough revenue to offset the high cost of operations. This is especially difficult without offering programs such as our Sno-King Adult league, Public skating and Group parties/events. We have an awesome group of parent volunteers that have stepped up to help lead this activity and give back in a meaningful way. 

Our cookie dough fundraising goal is $20,000 (SnoKing receives 50% of all cookie sales). Our goal is for each team to sell 50 tubs, which equates to approximately 4 tubs per player. For the top three teams in sales, we will be giving away some fun prizes. All 3 lb. tubs of Cougar Mountain Premium Cookie Dough sell for just $17 each.

  • Each tub makes about four dozen warm, chewy Cougar Mountain Cookies.
  • Flavors include: Original Chocolate Chunk, Oatmeal Raisin Cinnamon, Double Chocolate Hazelnut, Classic Peanut Butter, Chewy Molasses-Ginger and All-Butter, Rolled Sugar
  • All-natural, no preservatives, and no trans fats.
  • Cookie dough is freshly produced and hand-packed.
  • Cookie dough stores well – in fridge for three months or in freezer for 12 months.

ALL information can be found on our WEBSITE including the BROCHUREORDER FORM for players to track their sales and direct link to ORDER ONLINE.

Order dates & details are provided below.  Team Manager will also be reaching out to support players and collect team orders. 

Cookie Dough Sale Dates: January 29 to February 14

DEADLINE for ALL Orders: Sunday, February 14 

  • Check out the Cookie Dough flavors and ingredients in the BROCHURE
  • Please print this ORDER FORM at home to keep track of your orders.  Ensure your child notes who purchases, where to deliver their order when it comes in, and how much they’ve ordered. Your child will be delivering the cookie dough to their customers when it comes in!
  • Encourage your players to call, email or FaceTime neighbors, friends and families
  • Money for the order MUST be collected at the time of sale.  You will collect payment from your customers and submit one payment (cash or check made out to Sno-King Amateur Hockey Association) for your full order to your Team Manager, OR place your full order online with a credit card (2.75% service will apply)
  • Two ways to submit orders: 1. Submit order form and send to your Team Manager OR 2. Online through the website
  • Orders are due to your Team Manager (or online) by Sunday, February 14
  • The cookie dough will be delivered approximately 2-3 weeks after order placed. (Date and Time TBA) You will be responsible for picking up your full order and distributing to those who ordered from you.  Please remember, it must be kept cold - make sure to sell to those you can easily deliver to and or you have fridge/freezer space ready for storage.
  • You can turn in orders and your payment early but LATE ORDERS will NOT BE ACCEPTED.  We have a very tight deadline for submitting our order to Cougar Mountain Baking Company in order to get the cookie dough on time. Thank you for your understanding and your adherence to this timeframe.

Pick up Cookie Dough Tubs from Sno-King (TBA early March):

  • You must be able to come to the rink and pick up the cookie dough your child has sold on this date during this timeframe!
  • Cookie dough must be refrigerated at all times, so we have a very short window for cookie dough pickup as part of our agreement with Cougar Mountain and for the safety of our customers.

If you have any questions please reach out to our fabulous parent volunteers.

Leanne Nanakul, Youth Hockey Fundraising Lead and Parent to 8U, 10U and 14U Sno-King players (

Caty Stamp, Youth Hockey Fundraising Support and parent to 8U, 12U and 14U Sno-King players (