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Sno-King - Locker Room Policies

By Sno-King Staff, 09/12/18, 4:00PM PDT


We want to inform everyone that the ice arena staff will enforce the SKAHA Locker Room Policy again this year. It is policy number 5.85 under the Team Policies section and is titled Locker Room Key Policy and Procedure. Please go to our website under Resources/Bylaws and Policies to read the policy. It is also reprinted at the end of this email.

This policy requires among other things, that a representative from each team check out a locker room key from the front desk staff at the ice arena by exchanging a their car key or personal ID for the locker room key. That person is then responsible for monitoring the locker room, locking the locker room in accordance with the policy and then returning the key to the front desk personnel. They will then receive back their car key or ID. The team manager and coach will instruct the parents for their team on policy compliance. You can also read the full policy online. 

In addition, the Board has approved a new policy, policy number 5.11 under Team Policies titled Co-ed Locker Room Policies. Please go to our website under Resources/Bylaws and Policies to read the policy. It is also reprinted at the end of this email.  

This policy provides for, among other things, procedures that should be followed in a co-ed locker room situation where players of different genders must share a common locker room as it relates to getting dressed before and after games as well as taking showers. The team manager and coach will instruct the parents for their team on policy compliance. You can also read the full policy online. 


The Sno-King Staff

5.85  Locker Room Key Policy and Procedure.

To provide for the safety of our players and their belongings, as well as to hold people accountable for damage, SnoKing Amateur Hockey Association (“SKAHA”) employees, coaches, managers and volunteers shall take the following actions regarding locker rooms at both the Kirkland and the Renton ice arenas.

1. Ice Arena Personnel. Ice arena front desk personnel (“Greeter”) will be present at the arena approximately 45 minutes prior to the first scheduled SKAHA or youth hockey event of the day. A locker room key will not be available until a Greeter is present. A Greeter will be present at the facility until all youth hockey teams have returned their locker room keys.

2. Youth Hockey Locker Room Key. Locker rooms are preassigned to a youth hockey team (“Team”) by the ice arena personnel, and the Team is to use only the locker room that has been preassigned to it. Prior to arrival at the ice arena, the Team should designate a coach, manager, or parent to be responsible for obtaining a locker room key. When the designated person arrives at the ice arena, the person is to check in with a Greeter at the front desk to obtain a locker room key for the team’s preassigned locker room. In exchange for the locker room key to the preassigned locker room, the coach, manager, or designated parent shall sign the sign-in sheet and provide his/her car keys or identification card (e.g. driver’s license) to the Greeter, which shall be returned upon receipt of the locker room key at the end of the team’s scheduled event. The car keys or identification card shall be placed in the designated lock box for storage at the front desk, which is not accessible to anyone except the Greeter or designated ice arena personnel. This exchange is required to ensure that the locker room key is returned at the end of the scheduled event.

3. Youth Hockey Locker Room Monitoring. In accordance with USA Hockey and SafeSport policies, coaches, managers, or locker room monitor(s) must supervise youth hockey players at all times while the players are using a locker room. The coach, manager, or the parent who checks out the locker room key from the Greeter, is responsible for monitoring players in the locker room before, during, and after practice / games. The locker rooms should be locked during the practice sessions and the games. The locker room key can be hung on the hook located on the player bench (in case a player or coach needs to re-enter the locker room).

4. Locker Room Key Return. Prior to returning the locker room key, the Team is responsible for cleaning up any trash and placing it in the trash receptacle. If the locker room is left with garbage or other items, SKAHA may assess the team a $20 cleaning charge. Prior to returning the key, the locker room must be locked (including the doors leading to the bathrooms at Sno-King Ice Arena Kirkland). If the key is not returned (i.e. the responsible party takes it with him or her when leaving the ice arena), the key must be returned as soon as possible during the time a Greeter is present at the front desk of the ice arena. When a SKAHA practice or game ends after 9PM, the team will have 30 minutes after the end of their ice time to lock the locker room and return the locker room key. If there is no Greeter present at the front desk, then the person responsible for the locker room key should contact the Zamboni driver on duty to exchange the locker room key for the person’s car keys or identification card.

5.11  Coed Locker Room Policies.

If the team consists of both male and female players, both female and male privacy rights must be given consideration and appropriate arrangements made. It is not acceptable for persons to be observing the opposite gender while they dress or undress or shower. It is incumbent about the team’s coach and manager to establish specific team policies in this area in accordance with the guidelines outlined below. Players are to use good judgment and be respectful of other player’s privacy as well as other players time.

Where possible, the male and female players should undress/dress in separate locker rooms and then convene in a single dressing room prior to the game or team meeting. Once the practice or game is finished, the players may come to one locker room and then the male and female players proceed to their separate dressing rooms to undress and shower (separately), if available. When separate locker rooms are used, both locker rooms must be properly monitored by at least one Safesport qualified adult.

If separate locker rooms are not available, then the players may not remove undergarments (briefs or boxers for males and sports bra and hockey shorts for females) while members of both genders are present or if they may possible reenter. Players not taking a shower have a maximum of ten (10) minutes after the coach has visited the locker room after practice or game has been completed to get dressed and leave the locker room. Any player wanting to take a shower must wait until any members of the opposite gender have cleared the room. If members of both genders wish to shower, each gender must take turns using the locker room to shower after the practice or game is completed and then leave while the other gender showers. When both male and female players are together in the locker room, there should be at least one adult monitoring the locker room that has been properly screened in compliance with Safesport Policy.