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Event Calendar

Calendar Instructions

The way you view your player's schedule requires management by each user (you). Events will be housed in a single location known as the Events Calendar (this page). This calendar can be accessed in a few places: under the Resource tab, on each Division homepage and on each team’s homepage. Due to the ‘tagging’ system in SportsEngine it will populate with different events depending on where you access the Events Calendar.  The tagging menu can be found at the bottom of any monthly calendar view.

  • When expanded, the menu will show all divisions and teams in our association.  By clicking "All" you can see the full calendar for all teams, events and activities or you can narrow what you see by selecting only certain tags.
  • In the tab that asks for you to select "Any" or "All" in the top right of the "tag" section, you will likely want to have it set to "Any" as this means that any of the tags you have picked will be shown on the calendar. If you hit "All", only events with all of the tags you have selected will be shown.
  • You will always want the "Home" tag selected as that allows you to see important information and dates regarding events and activities that affect a large # of Association members.
  • As you are placed onto your team you will want to come to this menu and select the team(s) you are on as well as the division you are in (8U, 10U, etc.). Selecting your team will populate the calendar with all the events your team is scheduled for while selecting the division shows you the events we want everyone in that division to be aware of.
  • Visiting from the division page will default to showing divisional events, while visiting from your teams homepage will default to showing events for only your team. The Division pages are something we are trying to use this year and where we will be posting information that teams in that division might need. 
  • We also recommend that when you get placed onto a team that you download the SportsEngine app for your phone. After you sign in with your SportsEngine login you will automatically see all of the teams you have been placed on. Selecting a team will take you to that teams dashboard where you can see things like schedule, stats, roster and any team messages.
« March 2019 »
SKAHA Cup - Wilkinson vs. Colar
  • Thursday, 6:10pm PDT-7:40pm PDT   Ical event icon
  • In-House tournament between SKAHA C teams (12U, 14U, 18U only)
  • Sno-King Ice - Renton, 164th Avenue Southeast, Renton, WA, USA
  • Event Category: Meeting, Game
Board Meeting
  • Monday, 7:00pm PDT-9:00pm PDT   Ical event icon
  • Kirkland Rink
  • Event Category: Meeting, Game