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The 18U age division is for players that are born prior to December 31, 2001.  Some players that are born in 2001 through 2003 may be eligible to play on these teams.  There is one Select team and two Recreational teams that also compete in the MHL.  For information on a specific team click the appropriate link below.



Recent 18U News

Sno-King: Third Lesson of Mental Skills

By Sno-King Staff 11/10/2019, 11:30am PST

The third lesson of the Mental Skills Training will be available Tuesday. Lots of positive feedback so if you haven’t finished lessons 1 and 2 yet please do your best to complete them. Lesson 3 will be on Teamwork and will be the same lesson for all age groups time. 


The Sno-King Staff





Sno-King - Matching Fund Programs

By Sno-King Staff 11/04/2019, 7:15am PST

Just a friendly reminder that for those of you that have volunteered time to Sno-King this season please record those hours with any matching funds programs at your place of employment so that Sno-King can receive the matching funds. As an example, Microsoft provides funds based on an hourly rate times the hours contributed to non-profit entities such as Sno-King for any time their employees contribute and there may be others. Sno-King is a nonprofit entity and the matching funds go toward funding operations of the hockey program to help keep fees as low as possible. 

Please check to see if your company has such a program and if so, please take the time to record your time and designate Sno-King as the recipient of the matching funds. Hours spent coaching, managing, working the penalty box or other volunteer activities qualify.

Thanks for being a part of the Sno-King community.

The Sno-King Staff

Sno-King: Night at ShoWare Tickets on sale now

By Sno-King Staff 11/01/2019, 3:45pm PDT

Sno-King is excited to welcome all members and their families to our annual night at the ShoWare event Saturday, November 23rd to watch the Seattle Thunderbirds take on the Saskatoon Blades at 6:05 pm. This is a valued Sno-King tradition as each year hundreds of Sno-King families attend a TBird game. The kids love it and it is a great team building event as the teams sit together at the game. All Sno-King members receive special discounted pricing and extended family is welcome! DON’T MISS IT!!!

What: Sno-King Night at The Accesso ShoWare Center

When: Saturday, November 23rd

Time: 6:05 PM

Cost per ticket: $23

The TBirds are very supportive of the Sno-King program so help us show our gratitude by coming out to support their team. Some great prizes are offered to the team and individuals selling the most tickets (see below). Get your tickets early and encourage everyone on your team to attend the game. Tickets can be purchased by clicking here. 


-Be sure to select your team during the checkout process. Team managers will be distributing tickets and we want to make sure your team gets credit for the ticket sales. We also want to make sure players and families can sit together at the game. 

-Tickets sales will end at 5:00pm Friday November 15th


1.The Highest selling 8U Team will play a 5 minute game on the ice immediately before the Tbird game begins.

2. The Highest selling 10U Player will receive a ride on the  Zamboni before the game starts.

3. The Highest selling 8U Player will stand with the Tbirds during the team introduction.

4. The Top Individual 12U Player will participate in the first period 90-second break contest with chance to win a prize

5. The top two selling teams will win an ice slot at Accesso ShoWare during the day on November 23rd! Play a game on the big ice against another team or have a practice. The choice is up to the winning team!

Any player who sells 5+ tickets can get a discount on tickets purchased for Tbird games on December 27th and 28th

December 27: $28 premium ticket for $14

December 28: $28 premium ticket for $22

If you have any questions please email  SEE YOU AT THE GAME!!

Thank you!

Sno-King Staff