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The 18U age division is for players that are born prior to December 31, 2001.  Some players that are born in 2001 through 2003 may be eligible to play on these teams.  There is one Select team and two Recreational teams that also compete in the MHL.  For information on a specific team click the appropriate link below.



Recent 18U News

Sno-King Spring and Summer Camp and Clinic Schedules/Registration

By Sno-King Staff 01/17/2020, 12:00pm PST

While we still have plenty of great hockey to go this season, we are excited to announce that the schedules for 2020 Spring and Summer Hockey camps and clinics have been posted online and registration is open! 

The schedule includes a variety of exceptional hockey camps, clinics and off-season playing opportunities that are equal to or better than what other more publicized and expensive camps offer in the area. The camps are run independently from Sno-King Amateur Hockey Association but the instructors include members of the Sno-King coaching staff, past players, and players from college and junior programs. 

There are opportunities for all age groups and they cover a broad range of activities from skating, stick handling, checking, shooting, defense, 3 X 3 games, goaltending and other fundamentals.  Click the links below for a listing of our current available camps and clinics by each level:






If you have any questions please contact Jamie Huscroft at

Thank you

The Sno-King Staff


By Sno-King Staff 01/10/2020, 3:30pm PST

As you have heard, we have asked each youth team at Sno-King to participate in the Raise the Rink campaign to raise funds for the new twin-sheet ice arena and related operations. Your team manager should have reached out to you to explain the details. If not, please ask them about the team’s goals for the campaign. Click here to watch a short video to learn more including what benefits the new rink offers to our players.


You can access various campaign tools and review more about the prizes for teams that achieve certain donation milestones by clicking here. To donate and designate a team to get credit for the donation click here.


We are very excited for all the benefits the new rink will provide to kids, adults and families in our area. Thanks for your help in raising the needed funds!


The Sno-King Staff












Sno-King: Raise The Rink Campaign Materials

By Sno-King Staff 12/21/2019, 1:15pm PST

Thank you for your help on the Raise the Rink capital campaign. This is a follow up to the email you received yesterday. In the coming days, your team managers will be contacted by the age group coordinators with more details on the campaign that they can pass along to you and each team member. Those details will include your team’s goal for the campaign and the official prizes available. We realize it will take a few days for everyone to learn about the campaign so please be patient as things get started.

The age group coordinators are: 8U and 10U – Spencer Rodgers; 12U- Clayton Rodgers; 14U – Brad White; 16U- Jarett Goodkin; and 18U – Happy Longfellow.

There are some materials you can use in your fundraising efforts as you reach out to others to contribute. They include the following and they are located in the “Resources” section of the website under “Youth Team Campaign” page. Click here to access.

Four-page capital campaign brochure

One-page flyer on the campaign

Sample “ask” email that can be modified to make it your own

Sample “thank you” email that can be modified to make it your own

Few tips on how to approach people to give along with a few facts about the new arena you can share.

Raise the Rink Youth Team Campaign Summary.

Donations can be made at or by clicking here. When making a donation, donors need to be sure to designate your team’s name on the Information page when they donate so make sure they know your team’s name. Please ask your team manager for more information and they can contact the age group coordinators with questions.

Thank you for supporting Sno-King and have a happy holiday season.

David Blanchard

Executive Director