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8U Major (Team 1) News

Holiday Hockey Camps!

By Sno-King Hockey 12/12/2018, 12:15pm PST

Keep your edge - Join former pro hockey players Jamie Huscroft and Doug Kirton and for Holiday Hockey Camps!  Two separate camps for your convenience, one at each ice arena - Renton Dec 26th - 28th and Kirkland Jan 2nd to 4th


Select 1 day, 2 day or all 3 days!




Power skating, agility and quickness - Improve on the essentials of power skating, edge work, crossovers, proper body positioning as well as work on agility, balance, tight turns, change of direction, backwards skating and quickness.


Players will improve on the following Skills:

Proper body positioning to win control

Gain leverage on your opponent 

Strategies for handling the puck in traffic 

Puck possession: gaining & keeping the puck 

Playing with confidence in tight quarters and along the boards


Shooting and Stickhandling - Proper techniques and mechanics in all shots (wrist, snap, slap, back hander and flip shots)


Shooting skills:

Quick shot release

Shooting accuracy

Getting the shot off before the goalie can get set

Shooting off the angles

Coming in on goal from either side, looking to create a shooting angle

Shooting for rebounds



We will be working on wrist rotation, dribbles both wide and quick, perform skill at top speed, change skating gears while stickhandling.

Technique training in one-on-one offensive play, creative deking & faking techniques      


Each Session will end with 30 minutes of 3 on 3 cross-ice games.


Full details and registration information can be found by clicking here


Sno-King Staff


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11/26 12/1 David
12/3 12/8 Kai
12/10 12/15 Alex
12/17 12/22 Massey
1/7 1/12 Ethan
1/14 1/19 Daine
1/21 1/26 Koen
1/28 2/2 Michael
2/4 2/9 Stepan
2/18 2/16 David
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