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Game Day

Our association plays in three different leagues; Pacific Coast (PCAHA), PNAHA (for state tournaments), and the Metro Hockey League (MHL).


It is extremely important that all teams keep their team schedules as up to date as possible. These schedules are the main point of reference when looking at what are teams are doing for the season and when to schedule referees.


Team managers will have to manually enter in their games to the schedule. 

Rescheduling: Any team wishing to reschedule any regular season or playoff game must receive the approval of the appropriate League Manager AND its scheduled opponent not less than 72 hours prior to the scheduled start time of the game in question (except for emergency conditions). 

Contact Andrew to discuss open ice slots for rescheduling. 


The MHL schedule will import into our website and auto-populate on each teams page. 

Rescheduling: MHL games will only be rescheduled on an emergency basis. Teams may not ask to reschedule in order to attend a tournament. 



All Pacific coast games played at Sno-King arenas will be held in either 75/90 minute ice slot depending on the age-level. Per the rulebook, the period length will follow a 15-15-20 stop-time format for 90 minute games. 


All MHL games require a minimum of 60 minutes. The following formats are recommended for each time block for 10U-14U: The 75 minute time slot is the minimum for 18U.

60 minute time slot:

5 minute warm-up

2 - 15 minute running clock periods

1 - 12 minute stop clock period

75 minute time slot:

5 minute warm-up

3 - 13 minute stop clock periods

90 minute time slot:

3 - 15 minute stop clock periods

Time Clock Tutorials

It is encouraged that teams have multiple parents that are able to run the clock. The below tutorials give an excellent breakdown of all the major scenarios the volunteer may encounter. 


Referees for the weekend's home games will be ordered on the Monday before. Number of referees order depends on the age and level of the game.

Age Level of Play Number of Referees
14U+ All Division Three Referees
12U A2+ Three Referees
12U A3/C Two Referees
10U A/C One Referee

No referees at 8U. Coaches will be on the ice and act as referees.

Important Note: Games are not always filled at the lower ages. It is recommended that coaches keep their skates handy in case referees do not show up. Andrew will try to keep you informed if no referees are assigned to your game. 


PCAHA: Teams will send a picture of the scoresheet to their Flight Manager.

MHL: Teams can send a picture of the scoresheet to the MHL Commissioner ( or Andrew so that the results can be entered on the MHL website.


Every game will need to have a volunteer be the scorekeeper. This is usually handled by the home team parents. There are extras scoresheets in the scorekeepers box in both of our rinks. 

Prior to the game both teams will have to fill in their side of the scoresheet with their players and coaches information and signature. During the game the scorekeeper will track goals, penalties and shots (if applicable). Once the game is over the referees will sign the scoresheet and then a copy will be given to all parties. 

It is important that you keep a copy of each scoresheet in your managers books in case of a dispute later in the season. 

USA Hockey Sample Scoresheet

PCAHA Sample Scoresheet

ScoreSheet stickers

Some teams will opt to create stickers of their rosters so they do not have to write their rosters all season. 

To create the stickers you will need to download the template on the right and fill out the second tab which will fill in the template on the third tab. 

Print the third tab onto a normal sheet of paper. Insert full page sticker sheets into the copier tray of choice and make as many copies as you need. Full page sticker sheets will be made available at both rink.