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Ice Removal In Kirkland

The Ice Removal in Kirkland has started! 

Here are the updates 

- THE white and orange colors ARE from the food grade, biodegradable color that is used.


-The grey that is seen is sand.


-THE logos have been removed and we have included a picture that shows they are made out of mesh.

The old refrigeration unit has been removed and here is our shiny new unit!

The quarter is located!!! This quarter was placed in the sand the last time this was done
A repair was made to a leak in one of the pipes
An inspection of area near penalty box
New threshold was installed


Update Friday June 7th:  The compressors are going on now and they're going to start to saturate in the ice with water.  They should be able to Start painting Saturday morning.

The ice has now been painted and we wait for a 6pm opening on Tuesday evening! 


Thank you to everyone who worked so hard over the past week!