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Recent 10U News

2021 Spring & Summer Hockey camps announced!

By Sno-King Staff 02/24/2021, 11:00am PST

We are excited to announce that the 2021 Spring and Summer Hockey camps and clinics have been posted and registration is now open! Visit our website page for more info.

The schedule includes a variety of exceptional hockey camps, clinics and off-season playing opportunities combined with highly qualified and experienced coaches, NHL alumni, and Sno-King Hockey Staff that bring a unique, fresh, and fun approach for players at all levels to develop their skills.  Give your player the chance to try some new techniques, be challenged with a new approach and learn from our highly qualified hockey instructors including:

  • Ty Hennes - Former Sno-King Player and Current Pittsburg Penguins Skills Coach
  • Jamie Huscroft - Former NHL Player and Current Sno-King Facilities Director
  • Doug Kirton- Former Professional Player and Current Sno-King Hockey Director
  • Kris Wilson - Former Sno-King Player, College Player, and Current Sno-King 14AAA Head Coach
  • Darin Campbell - Sno-King Goalie Director & Pacific District Goalie Coach in Chief
  • Mike Butters - Former Professional Player & Tampa Bay Scout and Current Sno-King 16U AAA Head Coach
  • Jake Drewiske - Former College Player and Current Sno-King Skills Coach
  • Jenn Wood - Current Sno-King Learn to Play Director
  • Mark Whitney - Former Sno-King Player, Former College Player, and Current Sno-King Snoqualmie Arena Manager
  • Spencer Rodgers - Former College Player
  • Clayton Rodgers - Former College Player

There are opportunities for all age groups and they cover a broad range of activities from power skating, stick handling, checking, shooting, defense, 3 X 3 games, goaltending and other fundamentals.  These valuable hockey programs also continue fitness, strength, and motion while further enhancing skills to help prepare for the new 2021-2022 tryouts and hockey season.

Click the links below for a listing of our current available camps and clinics by each level:






Thank you,

The Sno-King Staff







4 days left for COOKIE DOUGH orders!!

By Sno-King Staff 02/11/2021, 6:45am PST

Sno-King Families,

With 4 days left in our Cookie Dough Fundraiser, our online orders are coming in STRONG with over 350 orders already placed! We are excited to see the collected TEAM ORDERS as they start rolling in at the end of the week. We have already reached 20% of our $20,000 fundraising goal so let’s keep the momentum going with online posts, sharing on neighborhood pages or some friendly Facetime calls to family or friends. Did you know that if each of our youth hockey players sold only 4 tubs we would be able to reach our fundraising goal? This is definitely attainable with everyone’s help! 

KUDOS to these teams at the top of the leaderboard for ONLINE ORDERS:

  1. 8U Minor Green
  2. 12U A3 Tuttle
  3. 14U A3 Stillwell
  4. 10U C Ort
  5. 12U C Trotter

All 3 lb. tubs of Cougar Mountain Premium Cookie Dough sell for just $17 each and make 4 dozen cookies. Online orders can be placed HERE or you can submit through your Team Manager.

ORDER DEADLINE: The last day for ONLINE or TEAM ORDERS is Sunday, February 14th. Order forms and brochures can be printed HERE.  Please contact your Team Manager for the best way to submit your players orders.  We have also received several questions about providing an equivalent cash donation instead of buying cookie dough so thought it might be helpful to share. An equivalent donation in lieu of cookie dough sales (goal of 4 tubs per player) would be roughly $35. Donations can be made at  Thank you! 

ORDER PICKUP: Order processing and delivery is expected to take 2-3 weeks. All orders will be scheduled for pickup at the rink of your choice.  We will share more details once our Sno-King order is ready.

Thank you for your support! If you have any questions please reach out to one of our fabulous parent volunteers.

Leanne Nanakul, Youth Hockey Fundraising Lead and Parent to 8U, 10U and 14U Sno-King players (

Caty Stamp, Youth Hockey Fundraising Co-Lead and parent to 8U, 12U and 14U Sno-King players (

Important updates: Schedules, Games & Rink protocol

By Sno-King Staff 02/02/2021, 6:30pm PST

Sno-King Families,

This important update includes new information relevant to Sno-King’s Amateur Youth Hockey season. Please take the time to review carefully. Our Sno-King staff and coaches have been actively working to adjust to several new Phase 2 Healthy Washington updates. This includes building new ice schedules for all three facilities beginning Monday, February 8 with increased capacity along with adjusting for league games and the addition of our Sno-King Adult Hockey League (SKAHL) restarting soon. We also are working diligently to update important rink signage, training staff and continue to focus on reinforcing safety protocol to keep our skaters and families safe at all times.

Included below is information related to practice schedules, league game schedules, tentative playoff dates, end of season timing, preparation for home/away games and volunteer roles and training.

Practice Schedules: 

  • Beginning Monday, February 8, there will be a revised practice schedule for all teams. Staff is working closely with coaches and we expect these updates to be updated in Sports Engine tonight. Please note that several teams will now be sharing ice slots due to the Phase 2 occupancy guidelines.

Game Schedules:

  • There are scheduled games for some teams beginning THIS weekend Feb 6-7. Due to the fast paced turnaround in league planning, the MHL and PNAHA leagues are actively scheduling for all associations. Coaches and Sports Engine will be updated accordingly with new games to be added over the coming days/week. We hope to have a 2-4 week advance schedule posted soon.
  • Please keep in mind that similar to prior years, 10U-18U league games are scheduled on a bi-weekly rotation where one weekend are HOME games and the following weekend will be AWAY games. If you are unsure of which league your team is playing in this year, please check with your coach.  
  • Any teams that would have been playing in PCAHA this year will now be scheduled in the PNAHA league. More details will be shared with your coach as schedules get built.
  • All MHL games will have Referee’s automatically scheduled (except 8U) including this weekend’s games
  • Any PNAHA or exhibition games needing Referees will need to be coordinated by the Coach/Team Manager with Andrew Birnbrich (


COVID-19 rink protocol for AWAY games:

  • Each rink has their own safety protocols that must be followed. Please be respectful of differing guidelines and visit rink websites for more information.
  • All rinks require being fully dressed (except skates) in all equipment upon arrival. There will be an designated SKATES ON/OFF area if needed. 
  • Masks will be required at all times on and off the ice (Please ensure you have an approved mask for game play. If unsure, we suggest bringing a backup)
  • All locker rooms will be closed in all rinks for youth hockey games
  • Some associations are handing out wrist bands to teams for spectators/guardians
  • The only volunteer role needed for away games is the Penalty box


Volunteers required for HOME games:

  • Each game requires a minimum of 4-6 volunteers per game to be coordinated by the Team Manager and/or Coach
  • Roles include: Scoresheet, Clock, Music (optional), Penalty box and maximum of 2 coaches per bench (no Locker Room monitors needed as they are closed)
  • Team Managers – please visit Managers ( for more information about game expectations and volunteer roles
  • Clock training for the scoreboard system is posted online here Game Day page
  • Scoresheets Submission: Review details Manager Resource Page ( . All completed and signed scoresheets must be emailed to


End of Season Update:

  • Depending on COVID-19 metrics and state restrictions, our youth hockey season is tentatively planned for completion the week of May 3-9. We’ll continue to share updates accordingly. 


Tentative dates for Season Playoffs:

  • 10UA teams - PNAHA 10u Festival planned for April 9-10 in Tacoma
  • 12UA teams - PNAHA 12u Festival planned for April 23-25 at Sno-King
  • 14UB team - PNAHA State B tournament date TBA in Spokane
  • 14U A1 & 16U A1 - PNAHA Tier 1 14u & 16u March 26-28 at SJHA
  • 18U A1, 16 A2 & 14U A2 - PNAHA Tier II State tournament April 9-10 in Tacoma
  • All 10U-16U Recreational teams: MHL playoffs for all recreation teams are still TBD


Thank you for your continued support and for helping us along the way with suggestions and feedback.