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Safety and Cleaning

Safety and Cleaning Protocol - Please Read In Entirety

The following information is important for the health and safety of everyone in our arena.  Please take the time to read the information below and be fully familiar with the procedures outlined.

Our employees will have their temperature's taken each day and will have completed a COVID-19 related questionnaire with a supervisor before they begin work each day.  We will follow the health department COVID-19 guidelines for employees in the work place.

We will also frequently and consistently clean and sanitize those areas that people come in contact with while in the arena.  These areas will be sanitized and cleaned at least once each hour.  Please use the hand sanitizer provided within the arena to keep your hands clean and remember to keep your hands away from your eyes, nose and mouth. If you touch them, wash your hands. When off the ice, wear a mask at all times. 

Please be considerate of others. Please do not enter the facilities if you have any COVID-19 symptoms or are not feeling well. We appreciate your cooperation and understanding while we ensure our facilities are a safe environment for all. 



Download the pedestrian flow chart for Renton below


Download the pedestrian flow chart for Renton below


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  1. Only one parent or guardian over the age of 18 may accompany a skater 8 or under into the arena to assist before or after each practice. Otherwise, only on-ice participants may enter the arena.  All skaters are required to wear a mask before and after their practice.
  2. Adhering to state guidelines, unfortunately spectators are not permitted at this time. 
  3. All skaters are to be fully dressed need to have their gear and skating attire on and be fully equipped upon entry and exit.  For hockey sessions, you will need to wear full hockey gear (helmet, gloves, and full pads must be worn).
  4. High risk clients are not permitted in this phase. High risk clients include anyone over the age of 65, people with serious underlying medical conditions like chronic lung disease, moderate to sever asthma and those who are immunocompromised.
  5. If you or someone in your party are sick or have any of the following symptoms within the last three (3) days: tickle or soreness in the throat, a running nose, coughing or sneezing, persistent headaches, fatigue, shortness of breath or difficulty breathing, diarrhea, muscle or body aches, new loss of taste or smell, temperature above 99.5 degrees, nausea or vomiting, or other possible COVID-19 symptom, please stay home.  When in doubt, stay home.
  6. Before entering the arena, you will be asked questions related to #1 above by the Sno-King designated COVID-19 Supervisor.  Sno-King may at its discretion, take your temperature and if your temperature exceeds 99.5 degrees, or if you exhibit any of the symptoms noted in #1 above, you will not be allowed to be in the arena that day.  The designated COVID-19 Supervisor’s determination is final.
  7. Everyone entering the building will wash their hands or use facility provided hand sanitizer upon entrance to the arena.
  8. Coaches must wash their hands and use hand sanitizer before and after each session
  9. Use a restroom only when absolutely necessary.  Only one stall will be available and only one person will be allowed in the rest room at a time.  Wait outside in a socially distanced location from those exiting the restroom and others in line while waiting to enter the restroom. When using the rest room, wash your hands with soap and hot water for at least 20 seconds.  When soap and running water are unavailable, use an alcohol-based hand rub with at least 60% alcohol.

Additional Procedures

  1. Do not bring towels. Use of towels is prohibited in the arena.
  2. No large bags. A bag for shoes, skate guards, water bottles and small items only.
  3. Avoid touching your eyes, nose, or mouth.  If you do touch them, wash your hands immediately.
  4. Follow appropriate respiratory etiquette, which includes covering your mouth completely for coughs and sneezes. Sticking your mouth in the joint of your elbow is the preferred method.
  5. Follow the procedures directing the flow of people and other limitations on where you can be off the ice.  Generally, there is only one-way foot traffic in the arena.
  6. No spitting on or off the ice.
  7. When not at the arena, avoid close contact with people who are sick. If you have been in contact with anyone that has been identified with or experiencing symptoms that could indicate COVID-19, please stay away from the arena until you have been tested with a negative result or and been cleared have waited at least seven (7) days without any symptoms after the contact to return to the arena. 
  8. All non-ice participants must wear a mask in accordance with public health guidelines unless they have a health condition that prevents them from wearing a mask in which case we suggest you remain outside the arena.
  9. You will not be allowed in the arena prior to ten (10) minutes before your scheduled skate time. Be organized when it is your turn for entry so we can keep things flowing. While off the ice, follow appropriate social distancing procedures.
  10. Skaters must be fully equipped upon entry. If the skater is  age 9 or above and can put on their skates themselves there will be designated “SKATES ON” & “SKATES OFF“ areas to put skates on and off.  If a skater is 8 or younger or cannot put on their own skates they must arrive with their skates on with skate guards or be assisted inside with one parent or guardian. 
  11. Once your ice session is over skaters must put on their mask and proceed to exit the building following the direction arrows.
  12. All warm-up activities should take place outside the arena.
  13. People will be allowed to enter the building one at a time (or one family at a time).  When a line is formed outside to await entry, social distancing will apply.  There will be lines on the ground designating a six-foot distance.  
  14. Skaters will not be allowed to change clothes after skating and will not be allowed to shower.
  15. Each person in the arena is responsible to avoid coming within 6 feet of each other, including another skater when on or off the ice.  When waiting to go on the ice there will be lines on the floor designating a 6-foot distance.  There will be designated spaces for standing or sitting off the ice.  Please adhere to these areas.
  16. Skaters must use their own water bottles with their names clearly marked. Bottles left over at the end of each event will be thrown away. Bring large water bottles as you will not be allowed to refill them at the arena.  DO NOT SHARE WATER BOTTLES. 
  17. Skaters will not share jerseys or penny jerseys or other equipment at any time.
  18. No high fives or handshaking.
  19. Use good judgment at all times and be considerate of others.

Thank you for your cooperation!!!