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Sled Hockey

Sled Hockey In Seattle

Sled hockey provides opportunity for many types of disabilities to participate in the game of hockey. There are opportunities available in the local area for recreation/competition all the way to the National Sled Team that plays in the Paralympics. Sled hockey is rapidly growing in the US and players are often "hooked" once they touch the ice the first time.

Sled hockey follows most of the typical ice hockey rules with the exception some of the equipment. Players sit in specially designed sleds that sit on top of two hockey skate blades. There are two sticks for each player instead of one and and the sticks have metal pics on the butt end for players to propel themselves. Goalies wear basically the same equipment with modifications to the glove involving metal picks that are sewn into the backside to allow the goalie to maneuver.  

Sno-King Sled Hockey is open to all participants. Currently there is one group of athletes that consists of youth and adults, male and female. Our next goal is to have two groups of players and have them both compete with competition from surrounding States and Provinces.

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Benefits For Every Participant

For Washington's population, sled hockey is unique in that it is a true out-of-chair experience. For many, the freedom of movement on the ice is an exhilarating sensory experience. For all, it is an environment that is totally different from their daily lives.

Sled hockey is outstanding physical exercise, an important component of both mental and physical well being. It is a fun way to integrate a new activity into the lifestyle of a handicapped person.

With team-building, practice and constant interaction, sled hockey allows the disabled to focus outside themselves, enjoy being part of a group and build social skills.

Finally, sled hockey is an excellent way for the players to become more self-reliant, build self-esteem and gain confidence that translates to every aspect of their lives. At any level of participation, sled hockey is a game with a difference, contributing to a happier, healthier lifestyle.

What We Offer:

We are proud to partner with Seattle Adaptive Sports to offer Sled Hockey at Sno-King Renton on Sundays.

  • Teams are members of the USA Hockey and USA Disabled Hockey
  • A membership fee to USA Hockey is required.
  • Cost for ice rental is paid from membership fees.
  • Fundraising with Seattle Adaptive Sports and Sno-King Hockey supports athletes to be competitive.

All participants must have the ability to follow a sequence of instruction and have adequate upper body control.
Limited equipment is available for loaning.

Our team meets on Sundays at Sno-King Ice Renton.