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Tryouts 2019-2020


Planning for the 2019/2020 hockey season is well underway. You can access information regarding the schedules for tryouts for Select teams as well as start dates for the beginning of practices and evaluations for Recreation teams by clicking on the appropriate link on this page.  

The term “tryout” refers to a competitive process of selection for a particular Select team where the player roster is limited and not all players trying out will make the team.  These teams are sometimes referred to as “A” teams and are designated as A1, A2 or A3 with the A1 team competing at the highest level of competition, A2 at the next and A3 the next.  

The term “evaluation” refers to a system of review and player placement of all players not on a Select team. They are utilized when Sno-King will have more than one team in a certain level of play. The evaluation process seeks to create teams that are equally balanced for competition during the season.


Players will be selected to play on these teams through a tryout process. Please note that the actual number of teams may vary depending on the results of the registration process.  For the 2019/2020 season we will have the following Select teams. Unless otherwise noted, there is one team for each level listed.

18U A1;  16U A1;  16U A3; 14U A2;  14U A3;  12U A1; 12U A2;  12U A3 (two teams);  10U A (four teams). For more click the Select Tryout Schedules link on this page.


All Rec ("C") players go through an “evaluation” process to review player skills and ensure fair and balanced teams. All Sno-King players not on a Select team go through the evaluation process before the start of the season.

Select Tryout Schedules

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Pre-Season Evaluation Schedules

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Non Sno-King Members Register for Open Tryouts Click Here

Questions? Email Andrew Birnbrich