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Tryouts 2019-2020


Registrations for the upcoming 2019-2020 Season and for Open Tryouts have not opened yet, please check back. 

Tryout Dates for 2019-2020 16UA1 and 14UA1 Teams!

APRIL 15-20, 2019

SKAHA will host the 16U A1 team next season and SJHA will be hosting the 14U A1 team next season.  Players from both SKAHA and SJHA that wish to play on the highest-level team for their age group (A1) will want to try out for the appropriate team sponsored by the host organization.  Sno-King players this current season that will qualify for play in the 14U program next year that wish to play on the 14U A1 team next season should plan on attending the tryouts for the SJHA 14U A1 team.  The highest level 14U team at Sno-King next season will be 14U A2. SKAHA and SJHA have teamed together to create a pathway for the top players in Washington the area to play AAA hockey. This cooperative effort and support between these associations ensures the area’s top players will have the opportunity to compete at the highest level of competition and receive top tier, professional coaching.

Both the 16UA1 and the 14UA1 teams will offer spots and roster the very best players at the tryout. Roster sizes will be between 17-20 players. Tryouts are OPEN to any player who wishes to attend and are not restricted to SKAHA and SJHA members. The top players- regardless of association- are offered positions on the team. 

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16UA1 and 14UA1 Tryout Information

16UA1 and 14UA1 Tryout Information

Questions? Email Andrew Birnbrich