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Youth Team Campaign Material

The following are the Raise the Rink Campaign materials that members can utilize to help seek donations for your team. If you have any questions please contact your team manager. Included below are promotional videos about Sno-King and its programs, sample "ask" and "thank you" emails, a campaign flyer, a campaign brochure, a Youth team campaign summary and some talking points about the new arena and campaign.  To view a video about the Youth Team Raise the Rink campaign click here.

The address for people to donate is or you can copy this link.

Video Materials

The videos below provide campaign related information.  You can send out links to these to potential donors to help them understand our programs.  They include: 1) Informational Campaign video describes details about the Youth Team Raise the Rink campaign; 2) Heart of the Program describes some details about the goals of the program; 3) Description of All Programs provides brief descriptions of all the programs offered by Sno-King including Learn to Skate, Learn to Play, Adult Leagues and other programs; 4)  All-girls Program describes the programs at Sno-King dedicated to teams comprised of only girls; and, 5) Figure Skating/Learn to Skate provides details about those programs that are also managed by Sno-King.


The following documents include: 1) Youth Team Raise the Rink Campaign Summary describes the youth team campaign parameters including prizes and prize related rules; 2) The Raise the Rink Flyer provides a short summary about the Raise the Rink Campaign and can be distributed to people as you reach out to them to make a donation; 3) Raise the Rink Talking Points is some information you can use when you discuss the campaign with others; and, 4) the Capital Campaign Brochure is a 4-page informational brochure that provides more information than the flyer and can be provided to anyone that wants time to consider their donation and wants a resource they can read to understand the new arena and the campaign.



I’m reaching out to share the opportunity with you to be a part of something that has made a huge difference in my life. You have the rare opportunity to help shape a community for generations to come.

I’m a member of the Sno-King Amateur Hockey Association, a nonprofit youth development organization with a mission of Building Players for Life that has served the community for 55 years.  In addition to youth hockey, Sno-King operates learn-to-skate and figure skating programs as well as adult hockey leagues.  We also offer access for the community to gather and enjoy ice sports.  

Sno-King is expanding in 2020 by creating a new twin-sheet ice arena in Snoqualmie that will provide the opportunity to double our programs and reach over 1,600 additional kids.  It also means Sno-King can create an all-girls hockey program and serve as a community asset that will impact tens of thousands of kids, families and adults for decades.  Learn more about our programs through the video links below.  You can learn more about the new arena by clicking here.

Sno-King is partnering with community supporters to cover the cost of constructing and operating the new arena through the Raise the Rink Capital Campaign.  I am reaching out to you today to invite you to join me in helping Sno-King reach our goal of raising $2 million by May 2020. 

Our hockey team is competing with other Sno-King teams to raise funds by February 28, 2020. Can you please help us exceed our team goal of $X,XXX by contributing to the campaign as soon as possible? A gift of any size will propel us closer to our team and campaign goals  

You can donate by clicking here and then clicking the blue button on the top right of the page.  As you complete the donation process, please make sure you identify my team, the XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX, in the box provided so that we can get credit in our contest.  Contributions on the secure web page may be tax deductible depending on your tax status.

Thank you for helping our team and thousands of young people in Eastside communities by supporting Sno-King.

Name of Sender

P.S. Don’t miss this opportunity to bring ice sports to Snoqualmie. You can give online today by clicking here. Don’t delay; your gift will help us to meet our team goal by January 31, 2020.

Click on any of the following links to learn more about Sno-King:

Heart of Program 

Description of All Programs 

All-girls program 

Figure skating/Learn to skate


Sample Thank You Email

Thank you for your donation to Sno-King’s Raise the Rink Campaign and for designating our team to receive the credit toward reaching our campaign goal. With the NHL coming to Seattle there will be thousands of additional kids that will want to play hockey.  You have played a significant part in helping Sno-King to create an ice arena facility that will benefit the community for generations to come and that will allow Sno-King to reach thousands of kids through its programs.

The entire Sno-King community is very grateful for your generous donation. 


Members Name